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Aguas Blancas or Aigües Blanques beach is at four kilometres from Sant Carles, between Paller des Camp and es Roig. This sandbank officially is declared as beach as nudist and possesses an excellent panoramic sight from (south) Illa Tagomago up to Top (north) Grossa.

His toponym refers to the color of his water, fruit of the foam that produces to beat of the surge against the shore, which overcomes the happened one in any of other eivissencs sandbanks , since this beach is very opened and exposed to the wind of this, especially during the summer. 
On the other hand, the slope of this section of littoral is characterized by his almost nonexistence, since to 50 meters of the shore only two meters of depth are registered.

This very opened inlet of big proportions presents a bank of brown sand and of average grain. Steep cliffs and rocks wrap this bay, fact that impedes the arrival and that is kept little urbanized. The nearness of these cantiles at first line of coast provokes the early appearance of shade.

Getting there: The access by road is easy following the signposting viaria and paying attention to the detours. The vehicle can be parked free by the surroundings. Also it is possible to come using the public transport, which nearest bus stop is at half a kilometre of distance.

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